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When you create a hardcore character, in your inventory will be a HARDCORE
badge . What is this HARDCORE badge? It's a special equipment, which is worn as
the rank sign. What you can do with it? You can upgrade this badge every level
since level 1. If you would like to upgrade your badge, go to the blacksmith
and write down(not say!) "advance list". You will see what can you upgrade. How
can be the badge upgraded? Via command "advance <type of upgrade>". Don't
forget upgrade your badge every level. When you became level 60, you will still
be able to upgrade your badge. How? If you gain efflevel, for 1 efflevel you
will gain 1 upgrade. If you think that you will gain 1 efflevel by training
stat and second by promote you will find that you were wrong:). Every other
upgrade will be able only for training your stats. Enjoy:)



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