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Usage: group
group <subcommand> [<target>]

GROUP with no arguments shows the status of your group.

The other form of syntax requires one subcommand and possibly a parameter.
Possible subcommands are as follows:

accept <target> Enlists target to your group. Target must be already applying
for membership.
Synonyms: enlist, enroll
all Enlists all characters applying to your group.
Only head of group can use this subcommand.
apply <target> Apply for membership in target's group
target doesn't need to be head, request is automagically
sent to the group leader.
Synonyms: ask
ask <target> The same as "apply"
create [<name>] Creates new group. You will be head of this new group.
Optionally, you can specify name for this new group, if no
name is specified, group is named as
"<char's name>'s group".
disband Disbands the group. After using this subcommand the group
no longer exists. It is equivalent to command ungroup
without parameters.
Only head of group can use this subcommand.
found [<name>] The same as "create"
head <target> Transfers group leadership to another member. Level
constraints are then checked and all members who cannot be
led by new head are kicked from the group.
Only head of group can use this subcommand.
kick <target> Removes target from your group or forces target to stop
Only head of group can use this subcommand.
leave Leave your group. If head leaves group, leadership is
automagically transferred to another character with closest
level. Level constraints are then checked and all members
who cannot be led by new head are kicked from the group.
rename [<name>] Changes name of your group.
Only head of group can use this subcommand.
ungroup The same as "disband"

If you are a group member, then you will share experience points for killing
monsters equally among the group. Experience points will only be shared among
group members that are in the same location, at the time of the killing
blow. Sharing is regardless of whether the group members have been
participating in the fight.

To set up a group, one character has to found a group via group create,
becoming head of group in the process. Then everyone who wants to become member
should use group apply command to apply for membership, and head can accept
them via group accept one by one, or via group all accept all applying
characters at once.

Groups are limited in level range as follows: maximal difference of levels in
group is 8 levels, so if you are level 50 and group with level 58, level 49
player can no longer join. For this computation, rank is counted as 3 levels,
so first rank head can be in group with third rank as upper limit or with
55-level player as a lower limit (but not both, as difference between level 55
and R3 is more than 8 levels).

Note: this group system is independent on characters following each other, only
grouping has priority over following. So if you are member of group, you will
always go where head of group goes and will not follow anyone who you used as
target for follow command. If you are applying for group membership but you're
not accepted yet, you won't be affected by follow command but you won't go with
the group yet until you are accepted.


Quifael and Redferne wishes to group with Dragon.

Dragon : group create Dragon Power
Quifael : group apply dragon
Redferne: group apply dragon
Dragon : group all

Then Rasmussen comes and wants to join them. But he doesn't know who is head.

Rasmussen: group apply redferne (it doesn't matter which member, head always knows)
Dragon : group accept rasmussen

Later, BadGuy wants to join them as well. But Dragon doesn't like the idea

BadGuy : group ask rasmussen
Dragon : group kick badguy

Later when Dragon get upset at Quifael (because he is sleeping all the time)
he types : "group kick quifael" to kick Quifael out of the group.
Another alternative would be "ungroup quifael".



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