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Finesses are powerful skills, that allows you to choose your combat style
during the fight. There are four main types of finesses. Defensive,
offensive, relieving and special.

Defensive finesses, as you can expect, temporary increases your defense
during the fight. The cost for this advantage is often the reduction of
your attack, but there is also another payment for it.
Every finesse (except the relieving ones) cost you plenty of your vitality
in the form of fatigue (see help fatigue).

Offensive finesses increases your attack abilities, often also reduces
your defense and cost you some fatigue.

Relieving finesses reduces your fatigue during the fight. If you get
too much tired from other finesses, you can use a relieving one. You'll
try to "relax" and restore your powers.

Special finesses offers you many different bonuses, that could be
used during the fight.

Finesse affects only a single combat round. Before the round starts you choose
a finesse, then you'll fight according the one, you've chosen. And finaly,
at the end of the round, you receive a message, how successful you were.

The success of the finesse depends on many things, but two are the most
important. How are you familiar with the finesse, you've chosen (How do you
know the skill), and the level difference between you and your enemy.

Finesses cannot be used, if you are using your inner voice. All of them
require wielding of two swords and you have to be influenced by your
tactical knowledge skill. Also some skills cannot be used while are you
using a finesse (such as hitall or whirlwind).


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