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Elves are amongst the lithest of the races, and are often found in
forests, where they seem to have a close rapport with the animals which
live in harmony with them. Elves tend to place an emphasis on learning,
and as such, their bodies are not as strong and robust as humans, but
they are often much more intelligent and because of their great age,
much more wise and patient and thus excellent at magic.
Unfortunately, due to their inherantly magical nature, elves have a
difficult time using iron and steel based items. Fortunately, the elves
have countered this by creating weapons similar to standard weaponry,
but made out of a woodlike material. It is rumoured also that 'dark'
elves (those exiled from the elf homeland), are not subject to this
restriction, but this has yet to be proven convincingly.

male female
Height: 168-210 cm 157-189 cm
Weight: 900-1350 ounces 750-1200 ounces



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