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This attribute is used for nearly all computations where you expect level,
i.e. when in help on some spell is stated it lasts for level/2 hours, it
means effective level. It is also used for consider command, simply nearly
everywhere. But what does it mean? It is mainly your formal level (i.e. the
number seen in who listing), but it is increased above this when you get
more mighty. In other words, when you train your stats above certain amount,
your effective level increases. So how big is that amount? When your statsum
(total sum of your stats) exceeds 170, you get one additional effective
level for each 5 points of statsum above 170, e.g. +1 level when you reach statsum
175, +2 after reaching 180 and so on. Effective level also increases when
you promote to a rank. But in this moment you usually lose some levels due
to decreasing of stats, so you'll not notice it. The first rank adds +2
levels, second additional +3 making it total +5, third +4 more, i.e. +9
total, fourth +5 (total +14) and fifth +6 (total +20). Effective level is
also increased when you train hp, mana or moves directly, by one level for
every 125 points in each category above base value (each category is
computed separately). Base value depends on your race and class, and usually
is higher than the amount you get while advancing to 60th level, so you
would have to train some points before you notice increasing price which
indicates you are above base amount. Warriors of all kinds (not only warrior
class, also some specializations from other base classes) can train
additional strength, which increases effective level as well, by one level
per every 25 points of add strength trained. Every 20 points of add strength
also increases your effective strength by one, so at stradd 100 you get
another level from effective strength.



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