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Level: 61


The argument is a percent once again.

NOTE: When the mobile dies, if the random percentage is less than the argument
the mobile performs the MOBprogram commands rather than the usual
death_cry sequence. This is done before the corpse is made, so the
commands can be considered the mobiles last gasp. It could perhaps
destroy the items it was holding, or create some, or cast a spell
on the killer and the room, or even goto a new location and die
there (with a text message, the corpse would seem to vanish) The
position of the mobile is set to STANDING, and so it can do all the
normal commands, without worrying about being DEAD. However, even
if the mobile restores itself to full hitpoints, it will still die.
This is not a way to immortal mobiles. However, the last thing this
mobile does could be to goto some vacant room, load a fresh version
of itself, drop all its items, force the new mobile to get all the
items and wear them, send the new mobile back to the character who
killed it and force the new mobile to attack that character. Along
with a text message which said the mobile restored itself, this
might be a convincing effect. (Note that your kitten could turn into
a dragon this way too). Of course this assumes that some NPC
commands have been implemented.
In the original code, it was impossible to do the 'restoration' trick
above, however, in this code, it is in fact possible. Try it ;)


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