BrutusMUD help


Usage: color [on | off]

If you have a color-capable terminal and wish to see useful color-coding
of information, use the COLOR command to toggle colors

'color' with no argument will display your current color level.

Using color will slow down the speed at which you see messages VERY slightly.
The effect is more noticeable on slower connections. Even if you have
color turned on, non-colorized messages will not be slowed down at all.

But how to use colors? It is simple. To put color code in your text, use
syntax &X, where X is one-character description of color. Possible
characters are those, each printed in color which it marks:


The first letter you cannot usually see with colors enabled, as it is dark
black, which is usually background color. Please do not try to use other
colors than specified here (eg. by entering their ansi sequences) - they
are either reserved for important system messages, or could screw some
old terminals, and in cases of improper usage can get you jailed.


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