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Available classes in Brutus MUD are:


Magic User

and Specialized (after level 30):

Sorcerer - universal mage able to cast wide variety of spells
Psionic - a mage who focuses on spells afecting mind
Necromancer - necromancers deal with undead and even with The Death itself

Priest - priests follow the main line of clerics, greatly expanding their
healing abilities
Druid - druid is closely bound to The Nature and can use its resources.
Monk - specialist in martial arts

Fighter - it is said that fighters have muscles even instead of brain...
Swordsman - Swordsman is very dangerous if he has his swords handy...
Shaolin - specialist in ancient martial arts

Rogue - specialist in street fight and dirty tricks
Assassin - specialist in hiding and backstabing humanoids.
Nightblade - specialist of deadly enchants, very strong at night
but a lot weaker during day

There are also some remort classes in development, hopefully to be made
available soon. See help on "remort" to get more information.

If you want to see list of skills available for a particular class, use
command 'skills' with classname given as a parameter. Please note that this
currently doesn't work (intentionally) to get skill list of remort classes
as those lists are not finished yet.

To get more complete description of a class, use help class <classname>,
e.g. help class assassin


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