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Shaolins are warriors who decided to focus on fight without weapons. On the
first sight this may seem unwise, but the reality is quite different. The fact
is that shaolins learn special fighting styles, either offensive or defensive,
which allow them to perform even better than fighters with best weapons or
armors. Only drawback is that those styles have fixed parameters, so shaolins
suffer from the lack of versatility as they cannot exchange their weapons
and/or armors to be better prepared for particular fight. Another disadvantage
of fighting styles is that one cannot wear equipment which hinders movement,
like armors, and they need to have free hands, so they cannot take advantage
of lots of magically enhanced equipment. This is best noticed with items which
provides resistance against various types of attacks. Most powerful such items
usually cannot be worn while using styles. Also, shaolins have the weakest body
constitution from all warriors, so when they cannot tak advantage of their
skills, they are more or less useless.

Shaolins are also remarkable for their ability to cast spells. Otherwise unseen
among warriors, but shaolins over time developed tight connection to magical
forces, and many of their more advanced skills use magic more or less directly.


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