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As everyone knows, paladins are holy warriors. While priests are
spending their time in prayers and diplomacy, there are tasks
that cannot be solved through peacefull discussion. While
priests tend to the sick and wounded in safety of their churches,
paladins roam in the wilderness and protect citizens from orcs,
bandits or dragons (or whatever other evildoer threatens them)
- by bashing their skulls. And while priests are the head, paladins
are the armored body, with dangerous weapon-wielding hands.

They don't feel the need to study complicated fighting styles in
search for enlightenment or absolute truth. They are mostly content
with their role as tool, without the burning need to understand higher
purpose for their orders.

Paladin's *are* trained in using various weapons and wearing armor,
but unlike fighters, most of their training is focused on channeling
holy power for various combat purposes. Paladin without his or her
magic couldn't hope to stand against frenzied fighter. But allow them
to use all their skills, and the result will be quite different.


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