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Nightblades are thieves, who follow the way of magic. Their magic is dark.
They use they magic to make you more sick, than you even think you will be.
You even don't imagine what evil they can do to you. Their usual tactics is
cast some spells and than (if you don't die during spelling) touch you and
then you will be dead ... such simple. They have some basic fighting
ability, because they have origin in thieves, but they don't need use such
crap skills. They fight a bit same way as assassins ... well but there
is something different ... assassins will kill you fast and usually without
pain, when nightblade kill you, you die slow and very painful. In fact
nightblades are not interested in winning the fight. Their greatest pleasure
is to see enemy lose. It does mean that nightblade wins, but that's just
an uninteresting side effect.


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