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Necromancers direct their focus on (surprise surprise) the arts of
necromancy. Necromancers deal with the dead and ultimately with The Death
itself. They gain deep understanding of both life and death, and also
afterlife. Necromancers often communicate with The Underworld, with the realm
of the dead. They can animate corpses, creating undead followers of various
power and skills.

Necromancers are often considered to be evil, but the whole concept of being
good or evil is foreign to them. Necromancers just follow their path, they do
not need their enemies to suffer. They just work with death. It is true that
they often call for help of forces which are usually considered evil, but in
fast The Underworld and The Death are purely neutral forces, ultimately
consuming good and evil without any difference. And similarly indifferent to
these concepts are necromancers.


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