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Fighters are warriors, that use their incredible strength to destroy enemy.
They use just raw power to kill anything that will stand in their way. No
tactics, no wisdom, no intellect, just power focused at enemy. Not such
wonder, that the most fighters are trolls and minotaurs. Fighters have most
skills focused in damage ... They are strong and they can use twohanded
weapons. These weapons are far most powerful on the world. But fighters are
not only strong, they are also stout and as they knowledge (hehe) arises,
their are even more stout. The most powerful fighters are able to use
their destructive damage on everyone in room and they fight in way:
Stand in front of enemy and beat it as much as it gets, while trying to parry
incoming blows, and maybe blocking them with shield, or just withstanding them.
Fighters can focus on using one particular weapon, getting used to it and
increasing their skill with it far beyond levels normally seen. But if they
ever lose this one weapon, all their training with it is lost and they have to
find another weapon-friend.


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