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Druids are clerics, that decide they should live more close to nature.
They can summon some animals and also special nature creatures. Their
spell usually comes from nature. They also don't forget their cleric
wisdom, so they can heal themselves quite well. Druids usually fight
like other damage-casters, but they can heal anyone too. Very skilled
druid is able to communicate with nature and increase his transportation
skill as well as skill of high nature miracles like returning life to
fallen comrade.

Power of The Nature is often underestimated, but encounter with skilled
druid can easily ruin hopes of many a mighty hero. Always remember that
Nature is everything about you, the air you breathe, the water you drink,
or the earth you walk on, not only living beings. It is true that druids
are most powerful in forests, but this in no way means that they are weak
outside it, as The Nature is everywhere.



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