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Conjurer is one of remort classes to be developed. Conjurer is primarily
a caster but she uses very special form of magic: she conjures equipment
for her, then imbues some powers in it, and these powers then work for her
during combat. And in battle she just needs to take care of her conjured items
to keep them in full power. The most basic conjured items can contain just
one power, but as conjurer grows in power, she can conjure more powerful items
which have higher energy reserves, are more stable and can contain more powers
(up to five). For conjurer it is important to keep in balance various powers
in her conjured items, so that she have enough mana reserves to recharge items
as needed, good enough hitroll to successfully hit her enemy (as combat powers
can only activate upon successfully landed blow) and enough combat powers to
make any use of her improved combat stats at all. As conjurer is a caster, she
is usually not very strong physically, and she relies on combat powers in her
equipment to do the damage.

Please note that conjurer is accessible only through remorting but
it is actually NOT remort, it is only alternative to normal classes,
and as such is NOT meant to be stronger than normal classes.

See also: REMORT


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