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Assassins are specialized in quick killing of enemy. They usually fight such,
that enemy didn't notice them before they are dead. Assassins are experts in
stealth and hiding. If assassin doesn't want to be seen, he is not ...
They are also experts in finding and destroying of traps. They are famous
mercenaries used for killing for money or other attendance. They are quite
weak, but their when they use their shadow-fighting attacks known as backstabs
they could do damage even more than mages. They have no magic defence,
but they could stand physical damage much better than mages. They can also
use enemy's concentration on fight, so they can attack enemy from shadows,
unseen and unnoticed, hitting weak spot. The difference between assassins and
rogues is often misunderstood. Rogues just love the fight, of course they fight
to kill but their focus is the fight itself. On the other hand, assassins have
no interest in fight, they just want to kill the enemy and have the job done,
and most of their skills are based on this philosophy.


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