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How to create clan
To create clan, there must be at least 4 (four) characters a founding members.
Clan creation cost 150M gold. You have to ask some clanmaster (currently only
implementors) to create a clan for you. You should have your clan name and
abbreviation (including colors) ready when you ask for clan creation. It is
also good to know location for your clan castle in advance, so clan creation is
quick. Clan castle can be located anywhere except city of Midgaard. Entrance to
clan castle is via secret door, so make sure that you don't forget where it is
and what is the door name, or you will not be able to enter your clan castle

Clan management
See command "clan help", it will show you what you can do.

Clan advantages
Advantages of clan membership are based on clan level, on your rank in the clan
and on your relationship with other clan members. Some advantages are available
only after reaching high enough clan level, and some are available only to
selected clan members (based on specific advantage, specific clan rank is
required to assign that advantage).

Using clan advantages creates a debt for you, which you can repay back to your
clan. As long as you remain in the clan, you don't need to care about your clan
debt, but if you want to resign from your clan (or are kicked from it) you have
to repay your debt before you can apply to another (or even the same) clan or
before you can use some training facilities.

Currently available clan advantages:
For the whole clan:
1% per clanlevel discount on stat train cost
2% per clanlevel discount on hp/mana/move train cost
1% per clanlevel discount at Messiah
1% per clanlevel discount at High Healer
1% per clanlevel discount at Dragnar, the Blacksmith


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