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Challengepoints provide alternative way to reach the fabulous Fifth Rank. To be
promoted to the fifth rank, a you need to reach score of 40 challengepoints
and complete a milestones. If you don't want/can't pass the challenge.

A challengepoint (CP) is basically the same task as rankpoint, can be either
solo task or group task. A milestone is something like challenge, only
significantly shorter. You need to acquire title Challenge Adept before
engaging in challengepoints. Please note that challengepoints use the same
system as rankpoints so you need free rankpoint slot to ask for challengepoint.
It is also highly recommended to NOT ask for challengepoint if it would be
your tenth slot as failing tenth slot means degrade. If you were working
on rankpoints and want to switch to challengepoints, you can use command
"challenge ready" to finish your rankpoint series and make room for

Killing a creature designated as a challengepoint tasks increases your
challengepoint score by 1. If you fail, however, your challengepoint score gets
decreased, depending on how you fail. If you fail by dying (the same conditions
as for rankpoints apply), the penalty is 1CP. If you let your task time out
(again, the same time period as with rankpoints), it costs you 1CP. Finally, if
you decide you are not good enough to complete your current task, you lose
5CP. It's your call.

Failing a milestone doesn't incur any penalty, except wasted XP and gold used
for the task. And increased delay when another milestone may be attempted, but
this delay is not anywhere near as long as with full challenge.

Challengepoints are accessible at General Trag, the rankmaster, via command
"rankpoint challengepoint" (can be abbreviated as "rankp cp"). It's syntax is
as follows:

rankp cp check Have a look at your current challengepoint standings.
Also available at your guildmaster.

rankp cp ask [type] Ask for a new challengepoint task. If type is not
specified, a task is selected randomly from all available
types. Or, alternatively, you may specify that you want
"group" task, "solo" task, or "milestone" task, and the
task will be chosen randomly from only the specified
subset of tasks. If you ask for milestone task, you will
be transferred to milestone area immediately. If you do
not specify which type of task do you want and milestone
task is selected, you only be notified about it and you
will need to use "rankpoint cp ask milestone" command to
actually enter the milestone area. This is to prevent
unneeded failures of milestone tasks in case you are not
ready for milestone.
The cost of challengepoint is the same as for rankpoint.

rankp cp give up Give up current challengepoint task. Very bad idea.

rankp cp freeze Freeze timer for current challengepoint task. See the
same option for rankpoints for details.

After you reach score of 40CP and fullfill one milestone, you can use
"promote challengepoints" command at the rankmaster to be promoted to
the Fifth Rank. Enjoy!



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