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1) Entrance to the Challenge
To enter challenge on your way to the 5th rank, you have to meet certain
criteria, as explained in help on RANKPOINTS. If you are already R5 and
only need to get back your badge should you lose it somewhere, you need
100M experience and 1G gold (using command challenge).
You also have option to take the challenge for 50 questpoints instead of
the usual fee. In that case you can also enter the challenge immediately,
without need to wait the usual delay after failed attempt. If you want
to use this option, supply argument "questpoints" to your promote/challenge

2) Equipment in Challenge
When you enter the Challenge, current state of your equipment is saved and
after end of challenge it is restored back. So if you loose anything during
challenge, or if you hit DT or are disintegrated, or whatever else, your
equipment is restored from this backup so you loose nothing.

3) End of Challenge
If you die in any way, e.g. killed by something, DT, mortal wounds,
anything, your attempt failed.
If you make it to the end, to the grand rankmaster, use the same command you
used to enter challenge and you are successfull.
After failure you appear at Temple of Midgaard with 50M loss (default value),
with gold needed to enter challenge lost as well, and with equipment restored.
After success, it depends on why you were in challenge. If you were
promoting, you will loose the entrance fee, so if you lost some experience in
challenge due to fleeing or any other way, you would have some loss.



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