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BrutusMUD uses different calendar than real world. It is simply caused by
the fact that the planet on which most parts of BrutusMUD are located is not
the Earth but some other planet. The year is divided into 18 months as
Month of Winter | Winter
Month of the Winter Wolf |
Month of the Frost Giant /

Month of the Old Forces
Month of the Grand Struggle |
Month of the Spring | Spring
Month of the Nature /

Month of Fertility
Month of the Dragon |
Month of the Sun | Summer
Month of the Heat |
Month of the Battle /

Month of the Dark Shades
Month of the Shadows |
Month of the Long Shadows | Autumn
Month of the Ancient Darkness /

Month of the Great Evil
Month of the Apocalypse |

Each month has 35 days organized into 5 weeks, 7 days per week (Day of the Moon,
Day of the Bull, Day of the Deception, Day of Thunder, Day of Freedom,
Day of the Great Gods and Day of the Sun), making it total 630 days per year.
Every day has 24 hours, part is day and part night. Length of daylight
depends on season of the year, from 6 hours during deepest winter (Month of
Winter) to 18 hours during middle summer (Month of the Sun).


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