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Usage: buy <item name>
buy #<item number>
buy n.<item name>
buy n <item name>
buy n #<item number>
sell <item name>
sell n.<item name>
sell n <item name>
value <item name>
appraise #<item number>
appraise n.<item name>
appraise <item_name>

If you'd like to purchase an item from a shop and have the money, you can buy
it. Items can be bought by name, or by their number in the shop listing,
and can be bought in quantity. You can get more detailed information about
items for sale via appraise command.


> buy sword (buy the first sword on the list)
> buy #3 (buy the third item on the list)
> buy 4.sword (buy the fourth sword on the list)
> buy 10 bread (buy 10 pieces of bread)
> buy 10 #2 (buy 10 of the second item on the list)
> sell sword (sell the first sword in inventory)
> sell 4.sword (sell the fourth sword in inventory)
> sell 3 sword (sell 3 sword in inventory)
> value sword (keeper tells you a value of sword)
> appraise sword (obtain stats of the sword you consider buying)

See also: SHOPS


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