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Bulletin boards are the forum of inter-player communication on the BRUTUS MUD.
There are different bulletin boards for different purposes -- for example,
a standard mortal board, a board for immortals, a board for fun "social"
messages, etc. Naturally, not all players may be allowed to read all
types of boards.

Type "LOOK BOARD" to see the messages already posted on a board. Type
"WRITE <subject>" to post a message to a board; write a message with
a '/s' as the first character on a line or terminate message with a '/a'
as the first character on a line. Type "READ <number>" to read a
post. Type "REMOVE <number>" to remove your own messages. Type
"ANSWER <number>" to reply a post. Here is advanced posting editor, so
try '/h' for help.


> look at board
> write Am I using these boards correctly?
[writes the message; terminates with a '/s' or '/a']
> look at board
> read 6
> remove 6
> answer 6



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