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Blocking types indicates the way, how will you use your swords in combat.
You can use only one of them at the time. Each of them has some advantages
and disadvantages. It is only up to you which one you will choose for the

activation: <name_of_skill> (see help on each type)
deactivation: noblock

(you can change your blocking type simply by activating another one)

List of the blocking types:

"HIGH BLOCK" (Sw 32 - learned in guild)
Offensive block type. Better hit/dam rolls. Cannot parry more the few of
attacks in line.
"LOW BLOCK" (Sw 44 - learned in guild)
Defensive block. Worse attack better parry.
"SWORD FAN" (Sw 58 - learned in guild)
Good against piercing attacks. Ineffective against others.
"DUAL BLOCK" (Sw R1 - learned by Trag)
Universal block. It increases your parry chance agains any type of attacks,
but decreases your attack seriously.
"SCISSORS BLOCK" (Sw R2 - unknown)
Good against slashing attacks. Ineffective against others.
"WALL OF SWORDS" (Sw R3 - unknown)
Good against crush attacks. Ineffective against others.
"SPARKLING SWORDS" (Sw R4 - learned by Trag)
You will try to create sparks with your swords that will hurt your enemies.
"CROSSED SWORDS" (Sw R5 - learned by Trag)
Ultimate blocking type. You can block hit_all type attacks of your enemy.

You can show your current blocking type by adding flag: %AB to your prompt


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