Character Traits

Here you can see various traits from which character is composed.

At first you have to choose race, than class which give you opportunity to use unique skills and spells. Picking up the "right" race for exact class is very important otherwise you can end up with hard-to-play character. Such a combinations can be seen but those characters belongs mostly to experienced players or newbies who did an "interesting" choice.

Every race is special and got own advantages and disadvantages. It's good to check it before you make a choice of your desired class. Informations as weight and heith are just informational and are not important for gameplay. There is also some bloodlust among the players. They are accusing other races for various things, sometimes using rough words and so on, so don't be surprised when you will see group of heroes hunting down some pixies or ogres...

Classes are those things what makes this game original and interesting. Usually every class is connected to some immortal who is taking care of it. As you can see, every class is special and allows player to use different skills and spells. We have four basic classes and after reaching level 30 you have to specialize in another three ways for every class. This makes twelve different classes with different abilities and tactics in gameplay. You can't say that some class is weak and another is strong, as each and every class has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some classes are universal, but do not excel in anything, meanwhile other classes are excellent in some areas but poor in different ones.

Skills and spells are those abilities what make players to advance. Every new level brings something new and ranks are loaded with bunch of powerfull skills. Reaching legendary level player powered with most powerfull skills is transformed into very powerfull being. There is also some legend that one Warlord wasn't defeated even by group of mercenaries. Don't forget that power you can get by reaching higher levels is equal to your ability to use your skills wisely. Every fight is different...


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